Dear Jah Med friends and volunteers,

Let us start by saying that you all are the best and we couldn’t be prouder of each of you. Thank you for who you are and for what you are doing. You are deeply appreciated and respected.

This Covid-time is difficult and totally unpredictable. Many of you are out there helping to keep your communities safe. We applaud you, admire you, and are inspired by you. Thank you again!

The future of everything, let alone the future of music festivals, is difficult to predict right now. But we are optimistic that the better angels of humanity will prevail over the fear, the loss, and the uncertainty that define our present situation.

When we will again be able to work together is an unanswerable question. We are looking for guidance from our state leaders. Jah Med will happily get back to business when our governor and our regional health authorities say we can.

We realize that the new normal will be different, but our crystal ball is no better than anyone else’s.

Your Jah Med board is brainstorming about how to continue to be leaders in event medicine in the post-Covid world. Our goal is to come out of this as a stronger and even more progressive organization. We are motivated by our love for what we do, and by all of you wonderful, amazing, volunteers.
Stay well. And stay tuned.

With love and respect,

The Jah Med Board of Directors

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The mission of JMed is to provide professional, high-quality, non-judgemental medical and emotional health care at special events.


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