Lee Leer
Lee Leer, the medical director, was dragged into Jah Med about 15 years ago, by his then 15 year old daughter. She had been pining to go to Reggae on the River for a couple of years, and he finally gave in... but went as a volunteer physician so as to keep an eye on her. The rest, as they say, is history. He's not missed a year since, and a couple of years later found himself as the medical director of the newly formed Jah Med, Inc. Lee is a board certified family and geriatric physician who works full time in Eureka. He has been in practice for over 30 years, and has experience in hospital, emergency, and office practice. He works year round with some really great people, but the best of all are his Jah Med family. His Jah Med role is quite fluid during events. He supervises the hospital and fills in there when it gets busy, and he responds in the field with the first responders and the psych team when necessary. Further, her interfaces with the event promoters, security, and other teams, as well as with outside entities such as fire and law enforcement.
Sarah Emmert
Vice President
Sarah Emmert still resides in her hometown community of Santa Cruz, CA. She has been involved in event medicine for 10 years. Sarah holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Criminology, Law and Society. Professionally, Sarah’s career has focused on equitable social change. She has worked on issues ranging from criminal justice reform to drug and alcohol policy. Volunteering with JahMed feeds her soul. She co-coordinates JahMed’s Psych Team.
John Bustamante RN
John Bustamante has lived in Humboldt Co. Since 1995 and has been a medical volunteer since 1996. He became an RN in 1980 and has worked in ICU and ER his entire career. Him and his wife coordinate the Hospital for JahMed.
Joseph Sandoval
Joseph Sandoval has been an active member of JM since 2005 and has lived and worked in Humboldt county since 1999. Joseph has over a decade of experience within the emergency medical and fire community. In addition to being Firefighter/EMT, Joseph also teaches as an EMT lab instructor.
Amber Wallan
Member At Large
Amber Wallan has worked in primary care as a medical assistant since 2006 and as an EMT lab instructor since 2011. She joined the JahMed response team in 2008 and now coordinates and supervises JahMed’s medical responders (EMT & Paramedics) as well as our dispatch services.
David Moss
Member At Large
David Moss was the CEO of a successful financial planning business in Northern California where he also spent 9 years as a firefighter EMT. While living in Humboldt County, Mr. Moss managed one of the largest reggae music festivals in the Western United States, Reggae on the River and was a Co-Founder of Reggae Rising Music Festival started in 2007. As a direct result of these festivals, David Co-Founded Jah Med in 1996 based on the need for quality emergency services at Reggae On The River. Mr. Moss has also worked in the non-profit world with kids charities for 20 years and is currently the Co-Founder and President of the Harold Robinson Foundation, an organization which sends thousands of kids from underserved communities to camp each year. Mr. Moss is VP, Operations for both DBO Investments and its wholly-owned brand, 1130 Artisans.
Gene Ching
Member At Large
Gene Ching oversees JahMed’s “Psych” team and has volunteered in events medicine since 1987. He was a traveling consultant under the auspices of Rock Medicine on tour with the Grateful Dead and Phish. Gene was brought on by David Moss and Patte Rae for JAH Med's initial Reggae on the River to respond to intensive psychedelic reactions. He holds a BS degree in Psychology and a Weapons Expert on Man at Arms: Art of War.
Member At Large
Janell joined JahMed in 1997. Her mother who is a local ER nurse and also a JahMed volunteer got her involved with the Self Care department of JahMed early on as a teen. She received her B.A. in Political Science with a minor in Psychology from Chico State University. Janell currently works as a senior paralegal for a law firm in San Francisco. Although her career has been in the legal field, she is First Aid/CPR trained and loves volunteering for JahMed in her free time.