Providers Services

The providers of JahMed (physicians and advanced practice clinicians: physician assistants and nurse practitioners) staff the hospital along with the nursing staff.  Some of our providers have been with us for longer than we’ve been an official entity, and many others for 5-10 or more years.  They are all licensed and practice full or part time throughout the year. Their specialties range from primary care, to critical care, to emergency medicine.

Medical Response Teams and Dispatch Services

JahMed’s response teams are made up of EMTs and Paramedics. These highly qualified volunteers are trained to assist each patient on a case by case situation determining if they can be treated and released where they are or if they need to be transported to our onsite JahMed hospital for further evaluation. The teams constantly patrol their response areas on foot or on ATV’s (whichever is best suited for that area) to ensure that our response times are as fast as possible. Unlike other festival medicine companies, JahMed is able to provide all of our own ATV’s for medical response and do not need to rely on the venue to provide them.

JahMed also provides and manages our own dispatch services. Providing this service with our highly trained staff ensures efficient communication during medical emergencies between onsite staff, volunteers, and patrons as well as outside EMS agencies if the need arises.


The JahMed Psych Team provides psychiatric crisis response to those thought to be experiencing intense psychedelic reactions.  The department is overseen by Gene Ching and Sarah Emmert. The team  helps provide a safe environment during events that safely guides and supports those in altered mental states to return to a functional state of being. The work of the Psych Team reduces the number of drug-related hospitalizations and arrests, as well as provides a safe place where patrons can reconnect with the family and friends following an intense reaction.


JahMed’s Self Care department provides and assists patrons with first aid of minor wounds, over the counter (OTC) medications, and items of personal well-being. Our goal is to keep patrons comfortable, healthy and happy. The department is overseen by Janell Gehrke and Chris Bender.  Janell brings 20 years of experience having volunteered with JahMed since 1997. Chris has a background in firefighting/medical and has been with JahMed for the past 5 years. Together they make a great team.


Within the support division of JahMed our core mission is to provide all logistical needs and facilitate communication between event stakeholders & fellow event division heads to maintain cooperation and help achieve the broader mission of JahMed medical. In order to carry out this goal, the support division is responsible for the maintenance of JahMed gear & supplies. This component is the primary responsibility but there is much more that the support division does. Additional responsibilities include, but are not limited to insuring vital utilities on the event site (such as water & power) to the hospital and crew camping facilities. Additionally we handle crew check in, transport of goods & gear to the event site, set up and take down of the hospital structures and any on ground logistics & coordination with event staff. These components help ensure a smooth running event for JahMed staff and crew so we can best serve the patrons, festival workers and volunteers.